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Essay Ideas: 5 Types of essay which will get you results

There are many types of essay which you can write, many students often just stick to one method of writing and this is a major mistake. If you want to develop as a writer and get amazing marks you must experiment with different styles and format of essay. Experimenting with a different essay style will help your college essay idea form, as you will need to spend more time planning to make your essay work. When you review these different major essay types you might find essay topic ideas flow to you, this is great.

  1. Narrative Essay – A narrative essay blends story into your essay. These are normally written in a first person format and allow the reader to empathise with the character, if your essay is on a certain topic it might be good to blend this format with a persuasive essay for maximum impact. If you want to get the best results using this format use rich description to build as much realism into your story as possible.
  2. Descriptive Essay - A narrative essay makes use of description and is really a sensory experience. The writer makes great use of emotion and deeper meaning through words. While these are not often used for academic writing you might be able to use this type for certain subjects to great effect.
  3. Expository Essay – This is a common essay type used mainly in academic settings. Here you don’t write about stories in the first person but just present the facts in a balanced way leading towards a conclusion. Use facts, statistics and research within your subject to build your argument. Don’t present you argument in the first person and don’t use emotion to back up your argument within the essay.
  4. Persuasive Essay – Persuasive essays are like expository essays but lack balance. You simply write about one side of the argument be careful with writing this kind of essay because often course instructors are looking for critical thinking skills when you are writing. If you are using this type of essay, make sure to build up a strong emotional argument to have maximum effect.

If any of these essay types are interesting for you, find out more about them here. One of the keys to being a good writer is enjoying writing. It’s easy to write a normal academic essay but it’s not as fun and it won’t improve your chances of getting great marks for your course.

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