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Good Hooks for Crafting a Short Essay on William Shakespeare

Creating content for the life of William Shakespeare essay project includes knowing key points to mention. These points are mentioned in the first paragraph or introduction. The intro paragraph needs a strong hook or something to grab reader’s attention. You can do this by using a piece of significant information about Shakespeare that is interesting or consider asking a question. There are different ways to create a hook you can learn before starting your project. If you need further assistance you can get help with your project when you visit this website.

How to Write a Hook and Possible Ideas

Writing a hook has a few elements to pay attention to. The key is to write a sentence that grabs attention of the reader quickly. Do more research on what a hook is in writing and you will learn it can be a variety of things from a question, fact, joke, opinion, or general statement. Because you are writing about a famous person you can mention something he did while being creative with your presentation. As you learn about him you can find more details to mention as part of your hook. Here are basic ideas for a hook to encourage brainstorming for your own.

  1. What is your favorite work by William Shakespeare?
  2. Shakespeare’s work rose in popularity after his death.
  3. Looking into the life of a creative pioneer.
  4. Analyzing the significance of Shakespeare and his literary contributions.
  5. What is the most intriguing piece of information have you learned about Shakespeare?
  6. When William Shakespeare died?
  7. William Shakespeare did this to get inspiration for writing.
  8. To be or not to be is the question.
  9. Did William Shakespeare do something out of the ordinary for inspiration?
  10. William Shakespeare has left his mark on modern day history.

Additional Things to Remember

For your essay on William Shakespeare consider information people may not know or will find unique to the current times. The hook helps lead readers to your main idea or thesis statement in the first paragraph. Some say you could use your thesis statement as a hook, but instead, others recommend embedding the statement in the intro paragraph. Get others to read what you came up with for your first paragraph for feedback. Practice writing a few before settling; you may come up with something you like but need to make changes.

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